Spacious and bright beige-and-cherry-wood bathroom with a large mirror and a luxury sink installation.

NWC Wins Grand Award for Green Construction

“NWC Once Again Wins Grand Award for Green Construction at Orlando Parade of Homes”

The exterior of a two-story home surrounded by a large green garden with trees. For the second consecutive year, NWC Construction, Inc., received the top honor for green construction at the Orlando Parade of Homes – the Grand Award for Green Construction – leaving NWC undefeatedin this category. The home also won first place for a green renovation under $500,000.The home amassed a number of green certifications, including Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) Platinum level, ENERGY STAR®, and the most notable being the first National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Emerald Certified Home in the state of Florida.

The Story

This green showpiece at 605 Oakdale Street in Windermere, FL, was completely renovated after a devastating fire, marking the second fire-related green rebuild project for NWC in the past year and a half. NWC president Nathan Cross used dozens of environmentally- and budget-friendly building practices to maximize indoor air quality, water conservation, and energy efficiency. With an impressive HERS Score of 59, this 2,380 sq. ft. home will now be powered on just $100 per month.

When the disastrous fire left her home in ruins, homeowner Sara Dawson had all but lost hope. After receiving several bids from area builders, she soon discovered that her insurance policy was not substantial enough to cover the cost of rebuilding her three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath home, and she would have to come up with an additional $50,000 or more out of pocket. That is when a close friend in the real estate business referred her to NWC.

Comfortable bright kitchen with polished granite countertops and bright wooden décor. According to Cross, he immediately requested a copy of Dawson’s insurance policy and contacted a colleague in the insurance business to help him examine it line by line. Cross spent hours on the phone with Dawson and her insurance company, wrote letters on Dawson’s behalf, and even took advantage of his benefits as a member of the National Association of Home Builders by utilizing their free legal counsel service so Dawson would not need to hire a lawyer. After nearly a month and countless hours of legwork and research, Cross had uncovered nearly fifty thousand dollars hidden within the fine print. He did all of this without a building contract with Dawson.

“After rebuilding another client’s home following a fire, I had already seen firsthand just how demoralizing it is to lose your home,” said Cross. “I was moved by Ms. Dawson’s story and I just really wanted to help her, even if it didn’t result in winning the bid.”

Bright bathroom with large mirrors and a stand-alone bathtub. “Nathan Cross was truly a Godsend,” said Dawson. “I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to uncover tens of thousands of dollars hidden in my policy – funds my insurance company did not offer up initially and money I never would have recouped on my own without the cost of an attorney. None of the other builders ever asked to see a copy of my insurance policy or offered any suggestions as to what to do next. I was at a loss until Mr. Cross came along. Not only did he find enough money to rebuild my home, but he built it green. I am so grateful.”

“It is a common misconception that building green cannot be done affordably,” said Cross, who built the home well within the insurance company’s budgetary constraints. “There are certainly some green products and practices that cost more than traditional building, but there is now a plethora of affordable options for people trying to build green without spending all of their ‘green’.”

The Reconstruction

NWC started by using the home’s original stem wall, slab and pool, which remained intact after the fire. The new design was based on the original footprint and architectural style, relocating only the laundry room and one bathroom.

Other green features of the home include:

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